We end the year with wonderful news.

We have reached an agreement with the company VULPI SELECCIÓN S.L., based in Aranjuez (Madrid, Spain) to manage their Export Department. 

Vulpi Selección is a company dedicated to the manufacture of Balsamic Creams, Sauces and Syrups since 1983.

The products stand out for their high quality (IFS certification, tasting panels, traditional process) and for being the most competitive in the market, already present in most Spanish retailers.

Vulpi has a wide range of products with different formats and flavors, perfect for every occasion.

The company stands out for its continuous innovationcreative spirit and customer orientation.

Thank you for the opportunity and the trust you have placed in our company. We hope to actively contribute to export your amazing products worldwide.

Acabamos el año con buenísimas noticias.